The Importance of Chakras  

There are seven chakras that are usually considered as the major centers of energy awareness, however, according to the teachings of the east, our bodies actually have hundreds of chakras or energy centers. But, be informed; the number of major centers will vary according to particular traditions, as well as some of the symbolic representations for each chakra will vary. When I perform my chakra healing work, I work with the perspective of seven in mind. I do however, check for wholeness of a few more energy points along the HARA LINE, which helps my clients to ***become more light and more able to move forward with ease sooner. These are: (as John Living lists them): the INDIVIDUATION POINT, SOUL SEAT, TAN TIEN AND GROUNDING CHAKRA. Respectively these points of energy relate to the point along our hara; several feet above our crown chakra; where we split off into individual souls, the area around our heart chakra that our soul is said to reside; often times it is shrouded with negative energy, the area where our power rests around the solar plexus, and below our feet where our hara connects with the earth, helping us to be grounded.

The central channels of energy (nadis), of our subtle body, are called the ida, pingala and sushumna in east Indian teachings. The ida and pingala (corresponds to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems) are depicted as figure eights wrapping around the sushumna (corresponding to the central nervous system). As the two curve back and forth around the sushumna, the points of crossing one another form powerful energy points, and these are where the seven major chakras are located.

The chakras are said to be as 'wheels' of whirling energy in our metaphysical or subtle body.  Each of the seven chakras corresponds and influences the cells, organs and endocrine glands within the body and also affect one’s thoughts and feelings. These centers of psychic energy are an important aspect of maintaining health ~ as they distribute energy throughout the physical body via the meridians or nadis (energy pathways) ~ also a part of one’s esoteric anatomy.

Some of the other vital chakras include these: two over the head; one serves as a SOUL LINK that directs ones soul purpose, spiritual genetics and connects one to the akashik records – it is what makes each one a unique unit of the overall total whole, and another chakra which serves as a COSMIC LINK which is the Creators’ connection to each one. The EARTH LINK which extends down below the feet about 12 inches or so and processes the elements and energies of nature (including interactions with animals and herbs) and holds a key to ancestral and Divine legacies, another chakra in front of the spleen (above and to the left of the solar plexus) which assists with the RIGHT USE OF WILL, and another on the right side of body and above the solar plexus, for gaining WISDOM THROUGH EMPATHY.

***In order for the five other chakras to awaken; the seven that we now are using, must be in a healthy state of being.

So, I hope you will take the time to simply click "add to cart" and get your chakras 'finely tuned'. I offer a 9 day Chakra Healing Session in which you do not need to be present. How this works is through the remote healing technique I have learned in India and the USA. It works because we are all One as being connected through what has been called quantum waves, etc. To order a Full Chakra Program (9 sessions )click here now.

The back chakras are generally receptive, and for regulating unconscious and spiritual matters, while the front chakras are generally projective, regulating conscious matters and daily needs.

Powerful chakras are located at the palms of the hands, at the soles of the feet, and at the eyes (which only 30% of human beings have activated as of mid September 2009). The chakras spin continuously and absorb energies from the environment one is in, and convert the energies into a form useable by the astral body or the non-physical duplicate body, and also radiate these energies outward as miniature suns.

On following pages of this site, (or on this same page below this article -it's kinda confusing to me how wordpress operates but I Love It!) I will provide a description of the seven major chakras and how each relates directly to health. Chakra activation and balancing is a form of energy adjustment which improves the functioning and condition of one’s entire energy system which when practiced over time will bring a wide range of benefits. The chakras can be re-balanced by oneself with the correct intent and knowledge to do so, with the assistance of gemstones, colors, sounds, fragrances, lights, numbers and/or visualizations.

In my  Chakra Report, a handbook of the 7 major chakras, I outline a simple and very effective method for one to cleanse, treat and balance their own chakras, using their sense of visualization alone. For those who enjoy a more involved process of chakra healing and balancing, you can use the seed sound of each chakra in your meditations, the assigned note and frequency or the fragrance associated with each particular chakra, or the gemstone associated to that particular chakra. There are many ways one can balance and heal their chakras... one of the most valuable ways is through your intent to do so.

My services are offered for

  • those who do not yet feel confident to do it themselves,
  • for those wanting to heal a friend's or family member's chakras as an offering of love - especially if they are in a state of health crisis, and for
  • healers who may be so busy they neglect to tend to themselves, and so on.

One of the best things about my service is that I can do the energy adjustment remotely... distance creates no barrier. I have been working with distance healing / remote healing since around 2008.



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