Introduction to 1st Issue of The Spiritual Warrior Newsletter

Greetings! -- This blog post is dedicated to helping you and I to expand and grow more and more into the light... to become enlightened! And when I say "enlightened" I am meaning in at least two ways;

(1) exposing our minds to information and tools that will help us to get lighter / less bogged down with heavy, old emotions that tend to become common-place to many - so much so that the illnesses that stem from the emotional baggage begin to look like the norm, and they are not! Lighten up, Release, Let Go! And we then become less heavy and negatively charged, and become lighter, and freed up from unwanted, non-beneficial energies.

(2) Enlightened in regards to becoming more and more receptive to, and aware of, higher energies and frequencies of Divine Light and its associated blessings. We then are becoming increasingly aware of who we truly are; Sparks of the Divine Light and Energy that created us all... thus through this awareness we become en-lightened.

Not only will we be delving into spirituality, but also into mental, emotional, and physical issues that will have an effect on our spirituality in one way or another.

I thank every one of you for actually taking the time to read these articles. Peace, Love, Light and Abundant Blessings to Us All.