Abundance Flows Now!

Wel~come One and All!

2014 will be an awesome year for those of us consciously creating it. Yes. We. Can.  As long as you believe in yourself, you can achieve your goals...as you ARE a product of That which created you in its likeness. Therefore, you are a co~creator.

I am wanting sooo much for people to finally break the chains of bondage. The way our current society is set up ~ it is almost impossible for the average person to financially come out ahead. The cost of living continues to escalate while the wages of places of employment are staying the same or not advancing higher at the same frequency as the cost of living! No wonder there are workers at various well known chain stores going on strike. No wonder there are so many people deciding to do drastic things in life; including giving up and taking their life.

But please, there is no need to give up. There are real opportunities out here, although they are difficult to find. Consider once again the things you would like to do in life. Take back your dream. It is your birthright. Work towards it with small steps at a time. Begin now:

  1. Ask yourself right now, "what would I do, or have, if money were not an issue? Now, I want you to write it down. (Do it now please.) 🙂
  2. Now, Intend that your goal is accomplished sometime this year.
  3. Ask yourself questions often. "I wonder how this manifestation will occur?"... "Who will be the one to help me reach this goal?"... "What baby steps can I take to make this dream a reality?"
  4. See your outcome often. Visualize it and feel the glory of having your heart's desire fulfilled. Usually, men are very good at visualizing; women are very good at feeling thoughts... but you must feel it as if it has already taken place. Now just practice both of these tools knowing that at least one of them will be the primary fuel with the other tool being its supportive factor. And YOU take charge over the mind; let it know that you are choosing something else now when it tries to interfere with your new program you have just now decided on. Send those negative, doubtful thoughts to your recycle bin and say I am choosing a wonderful life now.
  5. Start doing things that will take you closer to your goal, being aroung positive people that will support your efforts.
  6. Pay attention to the opportunities that come your way from that point on... as they will, if you follow these instructions. Being aware and alert, and willing to follow the leads that will begin to come your way is the key.

An important point to make here is for all of us to STOP getting stuck in the present reality. Presently you may be broke as a fallen jar, but the idea is to think about what you want things to be like not the way they are now. This is an important part of the attraction factor. You need to think differently in order to attract more abundance in your life. Trust me, just do it.

And with this being said, I want to inform those of you that are really struggling financially that I have found an opportunity that offers you the chance to profit greatly by exchanging only 1.75! No excuses anymore except your fears! I hope you can over come those fears of failure, of success, or whatever else and start creating abundance in your life right now. Without it, you are limited in this world we live in. With it; Financial Abundance; you can help other people more, help yourself to accomplish your goals, and have more peace of mind knowing you are not limited anymore due to not having the financial blessings that the Creator intended for all of us!

Forget about what others would say. Think for yourself, take action and break the chains of bondage. You do not even have to tell your family or friends anything about this system; just invest your 1.75, do your minimal work and start actually being able to accomplish your goals.

Watch the brief video found in the link below. If you feel like this is an obvious winning situation, contact me after watching the 7 minute video. (If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me sahshasystems at gmail.)
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