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My main passion is to help other people in this life... I love being an agent for others, being an instrument for others to heal themself, being an inspiration for positive change; and this is what my Better Health Naturally 4U Coaching is about. If you simply want to receive some help to make some needed adjustments in your life through coaching calls or you want to receive help via the intuitive readings I can perform for you (or both)- this is the right page for you. My Better Health Naturally Coaching skills and knowledge are from my direct, personal experience of living life, and through the mentorship of a couple of elders along my path. The Coaching for Better Health Naturally may or may not include my intuitive readings. The readings have a price to them depending on the amount of time spent on it, and the coaching is on a donation/love offering basis; please also consider the time spent with you. Send me an email if you are interested so that we can work something out that meets your needs as best as possible.

I have been reading the akasha professionally since around 2007. My readings are unique in that my general practice is to focus on the here and now, and present options to create a better future, as well as the fact that I primarily use the pendulum, along with other tools to receive some of the most valuable information for any given reading.


Along with my ‘here and now’ readings of energy, I am able to answer futuristic type questions, and they are welcome, but I will tell you how likely something is to happen, instead of “this IS going to happen”.


We all have the power of using our will and making choices, any of which can change the course of our lives. All futuristic type inquiries are always subject to change.


Areas we will cover may range from Career, Life Mission, Relationships, Your Next Best Moves to Make, and an entertaining allegorical story especially for you, picked from a special deck of oracle cards.

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I am known for being direct and to the point; not giving a lot of “fluff” in your reading. I will share all the information that is presented to me in the most efficient way I can. I will answer relevant questions you may have after the reading. I will help you to see how you can create a better future for yourself. I may even provide you with extra information in terms of resources that can prove to be beneficial to you. You will receive an attractive personal scroll report with the details recorded on it in print.

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and sending your request to me and mentioning this "Advice..." page you are currently on: send email to betterhealthnaturally4u (at) gmail (dot) com

I certainly hope you will use the valuable information gained from me contacting your akashik records and retrieving this information for you. Also, keep in mind that I initially ask for the guidance that is available from your support team on the spiritual realms with these readings.

***Please check your email within 24 hours after placing your order. I WILL be contacting you to provide further instructions/receive required information to perform your reading.


Feel free to contact me anytime.

Peace, Light and Love Be With You,




May Abundance, Inner Peace, Health and Love Follow you Where ever You Go!