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Read All About It: Open Minded People Who Want To End the Hardships That Arise From Lack of Clarity, and Want to Take the Best Possible Path Available, to Come Out Ahead.


Where reading the akasha is an A.R.R.T.

Whether visiting Eureka Springs Arkansas for fun and adventure or whether over the internet, come for an Intuitive Reading by Shakeenah, and your Records will be researched for you  to give you the answers or confirmation you require. Submit your request to work with Shakeenah by reading and following the instructions found on the following page link --->  Now. Related to my distance intuitive readings: It's like getting an astrological chart done for yourself; I take your bio-data and then go do the reading and then get back to you on the results in writing or by phone.

Some examples of particular questions people ask When Hiring Me for a Reading:

What is my Life purpose? What should I do next? What is blocking me from accomplishing my goals or from being my more complete self?  What is the current state of my health and what can I do to holistically improve it, along with what my doctor prescribes? Is he or she in love with me the way I am with them, and how happy will I be with this person? Is this the right person for me? Should I marry? How can I recognize my life partner  when they come? How can I become more Self Empowered? What can I do to Strengthen my Connection to Source Energy (God)?

Spiritual, intuitive readings via A.R.R.T.(Akashik Records Research Technology) provide a comprehensive reading of your unique energetic blueprint of life. (To learn more about the "akasha" and akashic records go here.)

Some people will say: "You do not need to go outside of yourself" ~ which is true... but how many of you will actually take the time to meditate daily and train yourself to receive from Divine sources and get clear answers from within? That is why it is a blessing to have someone you feel a connection to, and can trust, to help you with certain issues until you have actually practiced enough, to feel confident with Divining the answers on your own. And sometimes, people are practicing regularly but periodically prefer to have some confirmation on their own reading. Either way, Shakeenah is here to serve in whichever capacity is best for your own situation.

Some examples of subjects which can be researched when you hire me for a reading are:

Archetypes chosen for this lifetime, Archangels, Archetypes, Origin of a disease, Most suitable treatments for Relief, Children, Compatibility levels, Career Choices, Life Lessons to be learned and who provides this lesson, Negative belief patterns stuck in the physical body, Illusions needing to be pierced, Life Purposes, Biggest emotional block, Pets, Personality area needing improvement, Self empowerment areas, Stress, Entity issues, And much More!

  • You can accelerate your progress in life by learning exactly where/what blockages are detaining you and how you can overcome them. Especially for those subconscious/hidden blocks which will continue to keep one stuck until something is done to find out what it is and how it can be cleared up.       
  • The Akashic (Akashik) Reading can be used for particular questions that you may want investigated, or for general readings where I will connect with the akasha via the higher self, and ask your guides for topics that should be explored regarding your life here and now.
  • Whereas tarot or other similar readings specialize in looking at your past, present and future, my general readings focus on the here and now ~ things you need to know about your present energetic patterns; and then the reading proceeds to show you topics which need to be looked at in order for you to become more aware, and  to help you create a better life here and now and in the future.
  • These topics often are in the form of challenges you may be confronted with in life... as life is our school and if we had no challenges we would not have much opportunity to learn. These challenges will then be topped off with stepping stones, for solutions to then be revealed to us; solutions that will best suit you. (Your guides want you to know some good options for solutions that can help you with the particular challenges you may be faced with.)
  • I am often combining energy healing with the reading. The 100 minute sessions are more practical for reading and energy healing combined. However, at the shop ~ face-to-face meetings, I will usually combine my instant stress relief session/chakra healing/aura clearing and then a reading into one session. (minimum of one hour)
  • You are free to ask questions during these general readings; futuristic, past related, whatever; except "when will I die". When i was trained in India I was made to vow that I would not answer such inquiries, understandably so.
  • I usually explain to whomever visits me for a reading, that futuristic type questions I will get answered for them, but in a way that allows them to remember who they are and that nothing is cut in stone; they have the choice, power and free will to change the course of their destiny by what they do now.

These investigative services get questions answered  always in an interesting, and sometimes humorous manner.This investigative service; Akashik Records Research Technology (ARRT), is especially appealing to those seeking more insight into their own life, some direction, or an overall view of their life purpose and meaning. These patterns are what ultimately create your future, so find out now what areas need more attention in your life.

Shakeenah, (I) work with health concerns, *dreams, allergy detection, family concerns, finances and business, relationships, spirituality, etc.. Investigations normally cover 1 to 3 subjects per hour, it all depends, with each topic covering up to four or more indications or answers related to that subject.

ARRT Spiritual Readings will help one with issues concerning: Health, Marriage, Relationships, Business, Family, Spirituality, Personality and more.

For an Akashic Reading while visiting Eureka,  please be prepared by dressing comfortably, and having an half hour minimum session. For an hour session you may relax in the reclining seat while I take you through a energy healing session and then a reading. Or, you may prefer to have a reading only for half an hour up to an hour... it is your choice. Cash only accepted at the Mystic Moon shop. We are located at 45.5 Spring Street in the downtown business district, up from Main Street (Hwy 23). If you are coming for my services please set up an appointment by sending a message to betterhealthnaturally4u at gmail.

For an Akashic Reading via the internet: please be prepared to pay for your order through Paypal on my
Pricing of Services Page.  Select from the various readings available, according to your needs.

If Paypal does not work for you please make contact with me and we will work something else out.


For an Akashic Reading,  please be prepared to provide the following:

  • name, (all orders ~ includes walk-ins or appointments)
  • birthdate, (all orders)
  • birthplace, (all orders)
  • where you reside now, (all orders)
  • and email address. (phone orders and email orders)
  • a photo of yourself and  (phone orders<you will be informed how> and email orders)
  • your question(s) and/or state you want a general reading. (all orders)

Online orders; You must forward the above information promptly after your purchase. If you are inquiring about a relationship with someone I will need their name, birth date, & birthplace too, and sometimes I may feel a photo is required. If all of their information is not known by you, you may forward whatever identifying information you have:

(1) Place your order for the Akashik Reading, (go to Full Listing of Services Page)

(2) Decide whether you want the print-up of the report and/ or the mp3 audio file of the report. Order it from the same page.

(3) We will make arrangements for me to receive your reqd. information

(4) it will be started on immediately after receiving the bio-data, photo, and inquiry; in the order in which it was received related to other orders.

(5) I will then make arrangements to get the answers to you over the phone if it will be a domestic call (USA) or via Skype. Maximum time for calls at no charge is 30 minutes. If we go over it will be a charge per half hour over the original half hour of time for speaking. You will also have the option to select an audio file of the reading; instead OR along with the phone talk and/or the manuscript of the reading, when you place your order - please see the Pricing of Services Page.

All of the requested information IS VITALLY IMPORTANT for me to make accurate, successful connection with YOUR PARTICULAR Person and Records! If I happen to discover some discrepancies, I will not feel comfortable working with you and will not, especially if I perceive that the discrepancies were intentional.

I will perform the research privately and  contact you as soon as I am through. It usually takes a little over an hour for the research itself, and then another hour or two to compile the optional printable report. All orders for an Akashik Reading, have the option of ordering a printed Energy Analysis Report, which is of their reading, or either a voice report over the phone where you can take notes and express yourself as needed, (for up to a half hour no charge). The printed report is $30 extra.

These akashik readings work well with health concerns, allergy detection, family concerns, finances and business, relationships, spirituality, etc..

I have provided the Akashik Records Research Technology service for over seven years and have received specialized training in it in India. If you would like to see some of my testimonials please see them below and more recent ones on the "About Shakeenah" page.  And, if by chance, you are not satisfied you are welcome to a refund.

For an Akashik Reading, Send me your Bio-data and photo and I will proceed from there, investigating topics that I am guided to explore in your behalf, in Love! Feel free to suggest an area(s) of your life you want to be informed about as well...  Much Love to you!



Go Here for more recent testimonials

 Please note: (There may be some questions considered inappropriate that will not be investigated (such as when will someone die) – if there is a problem with any inquiry; you will be informed as to other possibilities & ways of asking the question.)

I do not predict the future in a traditional fashion; but I will give you detailed information down to actual percentages of the likelihood of something happening. The futuristic investigation I do not mess with includes when someone will ‘die’, as it is not in accord with my training, beliefs and philosophy of life for various reasons. But we can surely investigate when you will be likely to marry, or find the love of your life, or have the career you are seeking, etc.

Also, please note... In readings, sometimes you will receive information that is serving as confirmation to something you already felt or knew. Other indications brought forth will sound totally foreign or puzzling to you. This is the nature of readings, what you don't quite get, just place it on your mental shelf for now. These were picked up on the energetic plane which is the causal plane. Things may continue to happen to make those things a reality in your conscious life, or energies can shift that will make those things no longer plausible or possible.

We all have the power of using our will and making choices, any of which can change the course of our lives. All futuristic type inquiries are always subject to change. Think of it as a weather forecast; when we see 95% chance of precipitation we usually see that as almost a sure thing... we get our umbrellas out. When we see 20% chance we know that it is only a very slight possibility of rainfall on that day so we are not really going to be concerned about it happening... even though sometimes it does! Something in the range of chances shifted things and made it pour! As above, so below.

And so it is in our lives. Forecasts are here to help us be prepared for what MAY come. The blessed thing about it is that you have the power here and now to create your reality of the future, as what is done now creates what is to come... the sooner you begin to make some alterations to the fabric of your life the sooner the garment will take new form.

Expand your mind, be open to receive new insights and possibilites, reach out for help.

My Services Objective:
To serve in the direction of the ascension by helping others to attain better mental/emotional/physical health in natural and spiritually attuned, non-invasive, non-conventional ways.  To help find the answers to those questions – which, when answered, make a positive and great difference in one’s life for the better.

 As in all readings, you will usually hear some things that you agree with already; confirming that which you already know... and other things will be new to you and/or unrecognizable... even unbelievable at times. I always ask that one simply put those things on their mental shelf, for future reference or total deletion if you so choose =)

Thanks for letting me be of service, and let me know if there are any questions regarding. To your success...



  • Cancellation notices must be received by email within 24 hours of placing your order, else only a 50% refund will be provided.
  • Orders placed without forwarding all the requested information, will be notified of such and if no correction is made within 72 hours, you will still be charged for the full reading or either order will be cancelled and your money refunded; at my discretion.
  • Refunds are not available after the reading has been completed.
  • Refunds will be given in full if during the preparation for the reading it is determined that I am unable to, (for whatever reason),  work on your behalf at any time within 7 days of receiving your payment.

This communication is protected under freedom of speech and right to information.  By purchasing this service,  you are acknowledging that you are at least 18 years old and have read, understand and agree to the required legal disclaimer below.
Legal Disclaimer:  No Representation, assurance, advice in respect of any special powers, knowledge, results or outcome periods, is made or implied or intended. Outcome of efforts can not be absolutely known, predicted or changed."These readings are for informational and entertainment purposes only"

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