Akashic Records & How it Can Be Used to Heal Your Life

The Akasha

The root word Akasha is a sanskrit term which has been translated as meaning the mysterious etheric plane, boundless space, primary substance ~ which is considered in eastern mysticism as the primary source of the other four natural elements; fire, water, air and earth. It is the Unified Field of Energy where all information is stored.

This information stems from all that has happened, is happening and will possibly be happening in all of time. To better explain, we will look at the term in different ways:

This Unified Field can be likened to a Universal Mind, a massive unlimited memory card, chip or disc of which  the akashic records serve as the macrocosm of each one’s subconscious mind. Ultimately it is the memory of the Divine Source of All That Is, Was & Ever Shall Be.

Again, metaphorically the akasha is like a master record-keeping room where everyone’s thoughts, words and deeds are recorded in their particular book of life and placed in a special area in this informational field, and filed for future reference.

Events recorded upon that akasha can be ascertained in certain states of consciousness such as certain stages of sleep or trance, weakness, illness, stimulants, and meditation. As in A.R.R.T. services, through proper training the akasha can be intentionally researched for the benefit of humanity.

The research findings can be helpful in attaining better self-awareness which will result in better decision making, the releasing of blockages, overcoming addictions, and/or negative behavior patterns, and in attaining better health. An example of the latter: If one has an illness, and maybe has several paths to healing that they are considering, I can consult the akashic records to determine what healing modality they should take that would best suit them in particularThen, I can take it even further... If there are more than one practitioners you are considering, for the selected modality for healing, we can also discover which one will be the most efficient and effective one for you.

The Akashic Records can help find answers to questions which are  difficult to find by other means, can give us insights into the nature of ourselves and our relationship to all our affiliations and the universe as a whole.

Akashik Records Research Technology (A.R.R.T.)

Akashik Records Research Technology (A.R.R.T.) is the name for my  investigative services based upon an ancient practice of a spiritually attuned investigative technology.  A.R.R.T. Services which is an extension of the Better Health Naturally Information offerings, is an increasingly growing art on this plane of awareness which involves researching and retrieving information from the ethers.

These investigations can take considerable time and energy and are well worth the effort when one is truly attuned to using the information in the direction of the ascension.

How it’s done:

These investigations are done by using a tool for amplifying answers received to questions asked; primarily a pendulum with a mapped outline providing a variety of possible answers. When these answers need further clarification, questions are asked without the use of the written indices to help with getting to the root of the issue.

Also, please note... In readings, sometimes you will receive information that is serving as confirmation to something you already felt or knew. Other indications brought forth will sound totally foreign or puzzling to you. This is the nature of readings, what you don't quite get, just place it on your mental shelf for now. These were picked up on the energetic plane which is the causal plane. Things may continue to happen to make those things a reality in your conscious life, or energies can shift that will make those things no longer plausible or possible.

Those applying for this service have an option of receiving an in-depth transcript of all findings in their behalf. If further information is needed you may email for assistance. Calls may be arranged if necessary. Peace, Truth, Light and Love. For further information on my service of Akashik Reading, please see the following page;

Akashik Readings Here. 

(please note; I prefer to spell the word with a "k" at the end, compared to with a "c". So you will see it spelled as "Akashik" sometimes on these pages, however I must include the more common spelling; "akashic" for internet search purposes.)