Questions and Answers Page

Questions and Answers

This page provides insight into what our work is like, while at the same time answering to some questions that you may have yourself. When I use the term "we" or "our", it is in reference to all of the guides, angels, and myself that work together anytime I intend to initiate a healing of any kind.

Q: Hello Akashik Reader:
I received your email and was glad to hear from you. I had one reading with you last February, when I visited Eureka Springs, so I don't expect you to remember who I am. But, I will say that the reading you gave to me that day was extremely enlightening and empowering.
I am at crossroads of my life would like very much to do another reading with you. However, I live quite far from you, in West Virginia. So, if you are able to do a reading over the telephone, I think that would be of interest to me.

A: Thank you very much for your message. I am so grateful that you gained some value from my reading with you in February.

Yes, we can definitely work together long distance. That is how I actually began readings. What I do is utilize your information (what Is called "Bio-Data") ;

  • Birth date
  • Birth place (city and state)
  • Full birth name
  • City and State of current residence
  • Photo of self
...To then, on my own, perform a reading from contacting your akashik records via your Bio-Data. If you have particular questions you want answered in the reading be sure to include those along with your information. When I have completed the reading I will call you at a pre-approved time, and we will discuss the answers that came through. If you want a written copy of the reading please contribute thirty dollars to cover cost.
I can take your credit card payment via Paypal, if that works for you. If not, please inform and we will work something else out. Payment over the phone is currently not an option. However, please pay through my site which conveniently has the buy me buttons and prices listed here:

Q: Do you feel your chakra balancing is more in depth, as I have done these before at more cost effective rates, at the same time, I need something that could last.

A: My chakra balancing is much more in depth as far as I am aware, as i check other points of energy along the metaphysical body and adjust as need be. I explain a little of this in my chakras handbook which is given free with the first chakra balancing session ordered.  I also perform my operation for NINE days and no one else is doing that to my knowledge. They give you an adjustment and then let it go.

But my concern is that our service is worth our efforts and your money, so I chose to communicate with your chakras for nine days in a row, to re-train them back to their original way of harmony. To me it just makes better sense to ENTRAIN the chakras in this way, compared to doing it once and expecting the adjustment to last as long as it would after encouraging them to stay in order on their own. If you want me to send another copy of the handbook I will. 

From my own personal experience with others, one treatment is not sufficient. It takes a few days for the chakras to get 'back in the swing' of functioning in their best capacity. So I very reasonably am charging $8.33 per session($75.00), and it takes me anywhere between 30 minutes to 45 minutes to balance the chakras and other energy centers, per session.

Q: My 9 year old son, who is a third wave Star Child, will not go to sleep; I am trying to get him to go to sleep - any advice?

A: You can give a good 20 minutes at least, head massage or rub... this will usually put one in such a relaxed state that to sleep is the only next option. To enhance the touch to the scalp, play some very soothing, slow pace music. The other option is to administer a foot rub or massage.Using a pure essential Lavender  massage oil rubbed onto the hands before doing the head or feet will enhance the relaxing effect.

Sometimes this restlessness comes from stored up static electricity in the body which leaves a very uncomfortable, static feeling ; especially in the legs. It is VERY important that you teach your young man how to ground himself. And when he can, he will teach others how to do it too. Tell him that when he feels restless, that he can ask to go outside in the back or front yard to get grounded, take his shoes and socks off and let his feet hug the ground. Be with him and encourage him to walk or just stand on the earth, the grass, and get grounded through this simple act. We are connecting ourselves/our energy fields with the ground, with the earth, when we do this, which will help greatly with the nervous tension that builds up in the body through the lack of this contact with the earth. This negative stored up electric energy will be thereby released into the earth, leaving the body feeling relieved and more at ease.

Q: Please tell me exactly what were the 9 curses that were found on me. What were those psychic cords exactly doing there? What should I expect now that they have been removed?

A: The research I do is very thorough I would say, in regards to checking all sorts of things related to this type problem, however, I usually do not take time to try to find out the particulars out, such as exactly what were each and every one of the curses, as that would just amount to more time and then more money for the client. My goal is to SEE IT, REMOVE IT ~ LIKE NOW! We have cleared the energies in a way which prevents the same from ever reaching you again.

(Think of it like this; In order to throw your trash out you do not have to take it all out of the bag and name each piece or inspect it. Just get rid of it. In fact, when you sweep up the trash cluttered floor you do not pick up everything and inspect it; just sweep it up because you know it does not belong there. The only reason one would or really should pick something up off the floor is because they think it may be something that they should hold onto, or for prevention purposes, so they will inspect it. I usually use what can be viewed as a Non-Sensationalist Approach. In my regular priced Energy Clearing, I find out how many curses or attachments there are, ask the angels and guides with help in lifting these from you in the most effective and efficient way. If you are wanting all the minutest details of who, what, where, when and how please be prepared to pay more for my services; Clearing #2)

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