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Introduction,  June 2013

unity_by_ravinwood-d3192yxGreetings! This newsletter is dedicated to helping you and I, grow more and more, into the Divine Light... in order that we become enlightened! And when I say "enlightened", I am considering two forms of enlightenment: 1) Literally becoming more full of the Divine Light through inner practices which enhance the light quotient of your energy field and behaviorism. 2) You lighten up and become freed from negative, heavy thoughts, emotions and other energies that keep you down. Stay tuned as we explore various topics that will reflect on all aspects of our being. The actual newsletter is free of charge and will be published on private pages for subscribers to enjoy the benefits that come along with a subscription. (image credit: Unity by Ravinwood)

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In Love, Peace and Light, Akashik Reader, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Shakeenah Kedem