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A little about me: I Am "Akashik Reader". I had lived as a renunciate Sister of an Order; a nun, since I was 19, in a monastic based environment for 28 years with the spiritual teacher Baba Nazirmoreh (ABRD). During my stay at the pilgrim's sanctuary and mostly silent retreat, I was able to develop my skills of energy healing and akashik reading, specializing in remote or distant healings and readings due to my then secluded existence. I now use these skills outside of the seclusion that helped me to grow, as a serene, sincere, light-worker dedicated to serving and helping others find their way toward their highest good, with integrity, reliability and honesty. During these years I created what is called "A.R.R.T.", which stands for Akashik Records Research Technology. It is a method based on precise trainings I received from a master dowser named K. Betai, in India during 2007. This is truly a spiritual art; to be able to retrieve information from the ethers with the help of a tool or not, thus the name A.R.R.T. fitted perfectly with what I am doing, as I am an energetic artist as well as a visual artist. I also created a service called "Better Health Naturally". Between these two titles of services I offer a variety of tools dedicated to helping others... Akashik Readings, Dream Deciphering, Chakra Balancing, Botanicals, Emotional Freedom Technique, Pendulum Classes, Distance Healing, Space Clearing, Pendular Therapy and more. I also design and make unique ethnic or eastern oriented garments, clothing accessories, jewelry, as well as portraits. Some clients are pleasantly amazed at how dedicated I am toward their satisfaction with any of my varied services or products. One simple example is as follows: On 11-11-11, while at a spiritual gathering for the occasion, a woman came to me to get her already wrapped crystal pendant wire wrapped further for more security. We took the crystal with us, and after the gathering it was worked on immediately. Instead of just sending it to her, which I could have done, I photographed it first, and emailed her the image, this way she can determine whether she is satisfied with it or not before I send it back to her. She was satisfied, and she mentioned how surprised she was that I even thought to do such a thing. It is the small things like that, that any of us could do, that help to make a difference. I am absolutely concerned about your satisfaction and if there is anything I can do to exceed your expectations ~ I will. To see testimonials related to my services, please see below. None of us are perfect and I know that I may not be able to absolutely please each and everyone of you, but believe me, I will try. The last time my dowsing teacher tested me I consistently had a 95-98% accuracy rating. I will respond promptly to any questions during the buying process, as well as after the item has been purchased. I send shipping updates with tracking information, if applicable. I am responsive to any buyer concerns or problems, and I am also responsive to any compliments or testimonials you may have for me ;) Thanks so much for reading my page, In Love, Peace and Light, I Am AkashikReader Shakeenah

Abundance Flows Now!

Wel~come One and All!

2014 will be an awesome year for those of us consciously creating it. Yes. We. Can.  As long as you believe in yourself, you can achieve your goals...as you ARE a product of That which created you in its likeness. Therefore, you are a co~creator.

I am wanting sooo much for people to finally break the chains of bondage. The way our current society is set up ~ it is almost impossible for the average person to financially come out ahead. The cost of living continues to escalate while the wages of places of employment are staying the same or not advancing higher at the same frequency as the cost of living! No wonder there are workers at various well known chain stores going on strike. No wonder there are so many people deciding to do drastic things in life; including giving up and taking their life.

But please, there is no need to give up. There are real opportunities out here, although they are difficult to find. Consider once again the things you would like to do in life. Take back your dream. It is your birthright. Work towards it with small steps at a time. Begin now:

  1. Ask yourself right now, "what would I do, or have, if money were not an issue? Now, I want you to write it down. (Do it now please.) 🙂
  2. Now, Intend that your goal is accomplished sometime this year.
  3. Ask yourself questions often. "I wonder how this manifestation will occur?"... "Who will be the one to help me reach this goal?"... "What baby steps can I take to make this dream a reality?"
  4. See your outcome often. Visualize it and feel the glory of having your heart's desire fulfilled. Usually, men are very good at visualizing; women are very good at feeling thoughts... but you must feel it as if it has already taken place. Now just practice both of these tools knowing that at least one of them will be the primary fuel with the other tool being its supportive factor. And YOU take charge over the mind; let it know that you are choosing something else now when it tries to interfere with your new program you have just now decided on. Send those negative, doubtful thoughts to your recycle bin and say I am choosing a wonderful life now.
  5. Start doing things that will take you closer to your goal, being aroung positive people that will support your efforts.
  6. Pay attention to the opportunities that come your way from that point on... as they will, if you follow these instructions. Being aware and alert, and willing to follow the leads that will begin to come your way is the key.

An important point to make here is for all of us to STOP getting stuck in the present reality. Presently you may be broke as a fallen jar, but the idea is to think about what you want things to be like not the way they are now. This is an important part of the attraction factor. You need to think differently in order to attract more abundance in your life. Trust me, just do it.

And with this being said, I want to inform those of you that are really struggling financially that I have found an opportunity that offers you the chance to profit greatly by exchanging only 1.75! No excuses anymore except your fears! I hope you can over come those fears of failure, of success, or whatever else and start creating abundance in your life right now. Without it, you are limited in this world we live in. With it; Financial Abundance; you can help other people more, help yourself to accomplish your goals, and have more peace of mind knowing you are not limited anymore due to not having the financial blessings that the Creator intended for all of us!

Forget about what others would say. Think for yourself, take action and break the chains of bondage. You do not even have to tell your family or friends anything about this system; just invest your 1.75, do your minimal work and start actually being able to accomplish your goals.

Watch the brief video found in the link below. If you feel like this is an obvious winning situation, contact me after watching the 7 minute video. (If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me sahshasystems at gmail.)
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Spiritual Warrior News; July 14th, 2013



To Do and To Act, To Speak, To Hear and to Be Heard

This report of my recent activities fits right in with the energy behind the solar plexus and throat chakras, and since I am aiming to include a variety of information which touches on ALL ASPECTS of our being, I am using the seven major chakras as a helpful guide and tool to make sure I do so.

Last Monday, I volunteered to visit a local assisted living home, and use my voice to help them feel better. I am a singer since birth, but never really learned how to read music or play an instrument. But I brought a guitar along with me and my doumbek. I really had no idea what I would do thoroughly, but I knew I would need to help them feel better before I left. What i decided to do, did leave them feeling better, in fact a couple of the elderly got up and danced with the activities director Margo Pirkle. One of them was 92 years old.

I was really grateful to have Margo as the activities person, because she had already laid the foundation for the type of singing and chanting I would do. She has all along discussed with them the power of sounds, and positive thoughts, etc. Along with a Healing song my daughter brought to my attention on Youtube, and a spontaneous song of toning for the chakras and general healing vibrations, I also created a chant song for them to sing their name and also express love for themselves while there, and it went very well.

Many younger generations of us find it difficult to say 'I love myself', but this group of about 9  elder people seemed to have no problem with it for the most part. They chimed right in, strongly! There was one woman who carried a mocking type smirk on her face throughout my visit with them, but towards the closing of my session with them, when she was next in the circle for me to hold her hand and say 'thank you' to her, she looked at  me and said "I am glad you came". I am also glad I went.

Such a Beautiful Young Woman INSIDE and Out
Read the information posted in the "About" section under the video on YouTube page.


New Inspiration from the Matrix
I so enjoy asking positive questions to the universe, which our subconscious mind is intimately connected to, and have found life actually improves for me when I do, and when I don't, my life simply shows no improvement. And you can figure out what happens when you ask those negative questions... like "how much longer will I have to take this mess" or "why does this always have to happen to me?", in a complaining mode; not really looking to see the answer so you can make some changes.
My favorite has been "how can things get much better than this?" But in light of the Matrix Energetics statement shown below, I will now begin asking "what will happen if a miracle occurs now?"

The following quote is from Richard Bartlett & Melissa Joy of Matrix Energetics Intl.

"The key to unlocking the space of grace and miracles is to not put any limits on the universe. This includes not defining how a miracle shows up and what it looks like. An illness that disappears may be a miracle, but so is having a parking space open up right in front of you. Invite a miracle into your life. Ask yourself, "What if a miracle occurred?" The question is an invitation, like a pebble dropped into the field of possibility. Don't hold an idea of what your miracle will be or how it will show up. Rather, put out the invitation and trust it will unfold. Wait. What happens? At the end of the day, take a look at any events that could have been a response to your invitation. Was there a moment that felt like an answer to your open-ended question?"


"SAVEUP"; a new way to encourage saving money and an opportunity to win $
I must admit, I was a bit skeptical when I was first introduced to this site by a family member. But having and keeping, our finances in order is a sign of a healthy root chakra, so I decided to investigate it further, to my satisfaction. Yes, I'm using SaveUp, the program that rewards you for saving money and paying down debt!
What is SaveUp?
"SaveUp is a new rewards program that helps Americans succeed financially by encouraging them to adopt good financial behaviors, such as saving money and paying down debt. By rewarding people with the chance to win valuable or life-changing prizes, we hope to motivate them to become savers instead of spenders."
If you go to their Help page, it explains categorically all about what, how and why to use this new site. I am having nothing but good experiences with it so far, and I have a snapshot view of my financial status with all the institutions that I choose to register with SaveUp - in ONE LOCATION.
You can learn more here:  (or copy and paste this link into your browser ---> https://www.saveup.com/r/Sw6 ) ( We'll both earn bonus credits on SaveUp that can be used to win $2,000,000.00 and other prizes when you join: http://bit.ly/1CG6IgZ


Staying Focused
When we begin our path of expansion, in order to improve our life circumstances, we get serious and determined to apply some stick-to-it-iveness to our daily routine. This commitment is supported by actually putting your usual intentions for your days on paper.
This action and daily exercise is directly related to our throat chakra, our center of communication.
Amongst other things, the 5th/throat chakra rules over inspiration, creative expression in speech, writing, self-support and ability to follow one's aspirations.
I had a readee that needed some help in terms of creating more order in his life, so i sent him an example of what I created for myself, a daily "to do" list so to speak. I call it my 'stay focused' sheet. He had a good idea to help himself remember to look at, and use this plan of action, he took it and placed it in a frame.   It goes like this:
  1. Give Thanks / Review Goals
  2. Hydrate
  3. Meditate / Visualize / Set Intentions
  4. Suryanamaskar / Hoop Exercise while listening to music
  5. Prepare nourishment while listening to teachings


  1. While home working, take 5 minute breaks every 20-30  minutes
  2. Listen to teachings when preparing food, washing dishes
  3. Repeat affirmations throughout the day


  1. Give Thanks / Review Goals
  2. Meditate / Visualize / Set Intentions
  3. Listen to / Read Something Powerful
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Preparing to Heal and the Growing Finger Exercise

Those of us with well balanced 3rd eye chakras; the center of being able to see beyond physicalities and connecting to our higher self through knowing who we truly are, may find, amongst other qualities, that there is heightened healing abilities, great imagination and visualization skills, self confidence and mental clarity.

The following exercise is designed to show you how we all have abilities to influence ourselves,  environment and others, and it can be developed through awareness, properly focused intention, AND also we must maintain a high vibratory rate of mental energy.

"The Secret of Instant Healing"
The Growing Finger Exercise
Hold up your hand, palm facing you, and find the horizontal line, or crease, that runs along the bottom of your hand at the top of your wrist. Find the same horizontal crease on your other hand. Place your wrists together so that the two creases lineup exactly with each other. Now, carefully bring your palms and fingers together. Your hands should line up perfectly in prayer- like fashion.

Look at how your two middle fingers line up. They will either be even in length or one will be shorter than the other. For this exercise you will pick the shorter finger. If your fingers are even, you get to choose either the right or the left one.

Separate your hands and place them on the table or in your lap. Look at the middle finger you chose and think, "This finger will grow longer" Now, don't move the finger. Just become acutely aware of it. You can do this with you eyes open or closed, it does not matter. Look at the finger or envision it in your mind. Focus all your awareness on that single finger; that is all. Do this for one full minute. You don't have to tell it again to grow longer. Once is enough. Just provide what it needs to make the transition, focused awareness. That one finger gets your total attention for one full minute.

After one minute has passed, again measure the length of your fingers using the creases across your wrists exactly as you did before. Note the lengths of your two middle fingers, and presto change-o! the finger that received your awareness will be longer. That is pretty amazing when you stop to think about it. (Yes, pun intended.) Welcome to the wonderful world of heightened awareness. You've just witnessed how the force of awareness can animate the body and prepare it for healing from within.

But how were you able to perform this magical feat?... The basics for this exercise were intention and awareness. First you had the single intention for your short finger to grow longer. Then you focused all your awareness on that finger. This exercise gets us in the neighborhood of Quantum Entrainment but we are not quite there... (learn more from Frank Kinslow's book titled "The Secret of Instant Healing".



I have had a deck of inspirational not-so-much-like tarot cards for many years now, hmmm... maybe 25 years. It was the first deck of Osho cards produced I believe, called "Osho Neo-Tarot". I cherish these because each card tells a story based on some fo the teachings that Osho had passed on to his students in many of his books.

We will be using this deck, along with another at times, to bring more insight into any given situation. Please hear the following introductory audios to this deck of cards we will be using. Anyone wanting to volunteer for the first reading please send me a message at betterhealthnaturally4u@gmail.com. I will pick a card for you once tuning into your energy. Just send me your full name and where you are located. If  you want, you can also send any notes related to concerns you may be having.

 (listen to Osho's preface) OshocardsPreface

 (listen to Osho's Introduction to divination) OshocardsIntro

And... speaking of divination, we have a young psychically talented woman, 19 years old, available for helping out other young people... male or female. So, if you know of any young person that may be troubled right now, and can not be helped by family, friends... consider directing them to this gifted young woman. More on this in our next issue.

Introduction to 1st Issue of The Spiritual Warrior Newsletter


Greetings! -- This blog post is dedicated to helping you and I to expand and grow more and more into the light... to become enlightened! And when I say "enlightened" I am meaning in at least two ways;

(1) exposing our minds to information and tools that will help us to get lighter / less bogged down with heavy, old emotions that tend to become common-place to many - so much so that the illnesses that stem from the emotional baggage begin to look like the norm, and they are not! Lighten up, Release, Let Go! And we then become less heavy and negatively charged, and become lighter, and freed up from unwanted, non-beneficial energies.

(2) Enlightened in regards to becoming more and more receptive to, and aware of, higher energies and frequencies of Divine Light and its associated blessings. We then are becoming increasingly aware of who we truly are; Sparks of the Divine Light and Energy that created us all... thus through this awareness we become en-lightened.

Not only will we be delving into spirituality, but also into mental, emotional, and physical issues that will have an effect on our spirituality in one way or another.

I thank every one of you for actually taking the time to read these articles. Peace, Love, Light and Abundant Blessings to Us All.



The Importance of Chakras  

There are seven chakras that are usually considered as the major centers of energy awareness, however, according to the teachings of the east, our bodies actually have hundreds of chakras or energy centers. But, be informed; the number of major centers will vary according to particular traditions, as well as some of the symbolic representations for each chakra will vary. When I perform my chakra healing work, I work with the perspective of seven in mind. I do however, check for wholeness of a few more energy points along the HARA LINE, which helps my clients to ***become more light and more able to move forward with ease sooner. These are: (as John Living lists them): the INDIVIDUATION POINT, SOUL SEAT, TAN TIEN AND GROUNDING CHAKRA. Respectively these points of energy relate to the point along our hara; several feet above our crown chakra; where we split off into individual souls, the area around our heart chakra that our soul is said to reside; often times it is shrouded with negative energy, the area where our power rests around the solar plexus, and below our feet where our hara connects with the earth, helping us to be grounded.

The central channels of energy (nadis), of our subtle body, are called the ida, pingala and sushumna in east Indian teachings. The ida and pingala (corresponds to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems) are depicted as figure eights wrapping around the sushumna (corresponding to the central nervous system). As the two curve back and forth around the sushumna, the points of crossing one another form powerful energy points, and these are where the seven major chakras are located.

The chakras are said to be as 'wheels' of whirling energy in our metaphysical or subtle body.  Each of the seven chakras corresponds and influences the cells, organs and endocrine glands within the body and also affect one’s thoughts and feelings. These centers of psychic energy are an important aspect of maintaining health ~ as they distribute energy throughout the physical body via the meridians or nadis (energy pathways) ~ also a part of one’s esoteric anatomy.

Some of the other vital chakras include these: two over the head; one serves as a SOUL LINK that directs ones soul purpose, spiritual genetics and connects one to the akashik records – it is what makes each one a unique unit of the overall total whole, and another chakra which serves as a COSMIC LINK which is the Creators’ connection to each one. The EARTH LINK which extends down below the feet about 12 inches or so and processes the elements and energies of nature (including interactions with animals and herbs) and holds a key to ancestral and Divine legacies, another chakra in front of the spleen (above and to the left of the solar plexus) which assists with the RIGHT USE OF WILL, and another on the right side of body and above the solar plexus, for gaining WISDOM THROUGH EMPATHY.

***In order for the five other chakras to awaken; the seven that we now are using, must be in a healthy state of being.

So, I hope you will take the time to simply click "add to cart" and get your chakras 'finely tuned'. I offer a 9 day Chakra Healing Session in which you do not need to be present. How this works is through the remote healing technique I have learned in India and the USA. It works because we are all One as being connected through what has been called quantum waves, etc. To order a Full Chakra Program (9 sessions )click here now.

The back chakras are generally receptive, and for regulating unconscious and spiritual matters, while the front chakras are generally projective, regulating conscious matters and daily needs.

Powerful chakras are located at the palms of the hands, at the soles of the feet, and at the eyes (which only 30% of human beings have activated as of mid September 2009). The chakras spin continuously and absorb energies from the environment one is in, and convert the energies into a form useable by the astral body or the non-physical duplicate body, and also radiate these energies outward as miniature suns.

On following pages of this site, (or on this same page below this article -it's kinda confusing to me how wordpress operates but I Love It!) I will provide a description of the seven major chakras and how each relates directly to health. Chakra activation and balancing is a form of energy adjustment which improves the functioning and condition of one’s entire energy system which when practiced over time will bring a wide range of benefits. The chakras can be re-balanced by oneself with the correct intent and knowledge to do so, with the assistance of gemstones, colors, sounds, fragrances, lights, numbers and/or visualizations.

In my  Chakra Report, a handbook of the 7 major chakras, I outline a simple and very effective method for one to cleanse, treat and balance their own chakras, using their sense of visualization alone. For those who enjoy a more involved process of chakra healing and balancing, you can use the seed sound of each chakra in your meditations, the assigned note and frequency or the fragrance associated with each particular chakra, or the gemstone associated to that particular chakra. There are many ways one can balance and heal their chakras... one of the most valuable ways is through your intent to do so.

My services are offered for

  • those who do not yet feel confident to do it themselves,
  • for those wanting to heal a friend's or family member's chakras as an offering of love - especially if they are in a state of health crisis, and for
  • healers who may be so busy they neglect to tend to themselves, and so on.

One of the best things about my service is that I can do the energy adjustment remotely... distance creates no barrier. I have been working with distance healing / remote healing since around 2008.



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