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Shakeenah A H Kedem, EzineArticles Basic Author

People everywhere are learning the importance and effectiveness of energy healing, whether they accept that everything is energy or not, because with the rising of people's vibration as a whole, we are moving into a period of heightened awareness, sensitivity and capabilities.


Hello my dear Shankeena! I have allowed life to get in the way of my lessons once again, but I am now back at it again. ..
 As I did the breathing exercises for the 3rd Chakra, I discovered a couple of things! The first was that I truly felt 'breath' moving in and out of the Chakra! I was very excited to recognize this! The second thing that happened was that my intestines actually relaxed some! I've had intestinal issues for many, many years now, along with several of the other issues that one with a weak 3rd Chakra would experience according to the lesson. 

 So I am very excited!
Thank you so very much for all of these wonderful learning opportunities!" P. P., USA

My vision is to see a world where every being is aware and knows the value of a healthy energetic body, and daily chakra exercises become the norm.

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