Forgiveness Sessions

How To Relieve Yourself of Haunting Memories That Have Your Mind Thinking You Are Unworthy of Better Things and that Hold You Back From Attaining Your Goals or Moving Up To the Next Level of Accomplishment In Your Life

Have you ever found your mind rehearsing a negative scene from your past – over and over and over again? ~ like a broken movie reel?
Does an unknown but haunting feeling have you perpetually feeling worse?
Does fear make you eventually miss out on some of lifes’ opportunities?
Does some (usually) unknown issue make you ‘crippled’ to a certain extent in other relationships?
Might this memory be a sub-conscious reason for leaving you feeling uncertain about what moves you should make in life?

If you have answered YES or MAYBE to any of the above questions then you will benefit from reading this page, as it offers something that provides a way for you to release these memories. Every day is a new opportunity to become more of the LIGHT Being That You Are and you can start taking a powerful step in that direction right now.

During my practice in Eureka Springs, I have found a common thread amongst almost all the readings; the need for Forgiveness ( and people to learn about their Chakras and keep them healthy). Through this observation, we have developed a method to help people with this procedure of releasing and letting go.

From my own personal experience, I know how powerful changing ones’ mind can be. Hypnosis is an effective and harmless way to change your mind. Through expanding on one of the methods and concepts we have used and explained in the Forgiveness article that is posted on this site ("Forgiveness Notes"), we have created a wonderful means of helping you to achieve true freedom… freedom from the minds haunting memories that do not serve your highest good.

As a result of experiencing  Forgiveness Hypnosis Sessions, you will

  • Feel a heavy burden be released and be better able to move forward ; real freedom
  • Experience more self-love, more self-respect, and a sense of worthiness
  • Have you feeling better about yourself and more positive about your future
  • Notice relationships you do not want or need to begin shedding from your life
  • Attract more positive relationships in your life now

As of now, these sessions are only available by visiting Shakeenah by appointment only. One or more issues can be worked with, in one session of this unique form of hypnosis. So, check your calendar now, make a list of what bothers you the most, contact me for an appointment, and come to Eureka for a healing session that you will always remember and value. Experience true freedom and grow into the light, by lifting your burdens and becoming light as a feather, which allows you to shine the light more, of that which you already are!

Go here and Call or write for an appointment now…
It’s time you became master of your mind instead of it being master over you.

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