Lessons From and For Life

Greetings to All,

Living in Eureka Springs has meant so much to me. I give thanks!

This page is dedicated to offering some advice and knowledge to the world, that has been gained through our life experiences.


In 2011... I was conversing with a fellow farmer's market vendor, because the same thought ran through my mind when she explained the golden rules that her husband and she have been practicing throughout the years, which help to keep them together... the thought then was "this should be shared with everyone! School children should be learning this!"

Do you want some help with keeping your love relationship strong and everlasting? As shared by Lisa and Frankie Rebiejo, here are...

Three Things to avoid when in a Relationship:

  1. Calling Names
  2. Bringing up the Past
  3. Blaming


While at a weekly meeting for creative expression called "Sacred Acts", one day in February 2012, a fellow participant of the light working group mentioned something that she had come up with recently and I immediately thought upon hearing it; "This has to be shared with the world" .

Do you see a need for better ways of people communicating to one another when situations get heated? according to Kate Lucariello, these are some major rules to observe when in conflict with another...

Five Rules of Human Conflict

  1. Wait to respond; Calm down first.
  2. Don't assume hidden motives.
  3. Don't take anything personally.
  4. Respond with questions.
  5. Don't fight; accommodate if you can, withdraw if you can't.

The following expression was written by Frank George Knaus, born again Christian, the father of Amrit Knaus, who made his journey to the heavens on January 20, 2013.



Under this OAK TREE, GOD said - If I was willing to tell others about His son Jesus, that He sends to me, He will honor my witnessing. Souls will be saved. This is my CHURCH; where ever God calls on me to share His Gospel to those seeking a new life with Christ.

What do you mean a tree is your church?? Any place that the Holy Spirit quickens to me of someone who is in need of His Love, I will share the word. Tree or no tree, street paved or unpaved, forest or lawn. Closed doors or opened.

Why?? I have witnessed the good and evil in and outside of churches. Preachers being led to greed, lust, and many other sinful deeds. I want to be free as a child of God - Christ - Holy Spirit.

In Peace, Light and Love to All,

Your AkashikReader