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 Shakeenah A H Kedem, EzineArticles Basic Author


How to Eliminate Bad Karma

You know, just because we have forgotten a particular issue does not mean that we have forgiven and let go. It simply means that your conscious mind has pushed the unpleasant experience to the subconscious level of awareness in order to live more at peace in the now moments. However, the emotions and the incident is stored and imprinted in every cell of your being, requiring only some sort of trigger to awaken it once again.

This is a good thing, of course; to get beyond the stage of continual replaying of a nightmare or unpleasant event, over and over again on our mental screen. But what is even  better is to erase the negative charge from the nightmare or other unpleasant experience that we hold resentful feelings about.

This may be a difficult subject for some to read about but at the same time it's a subject I HAD to write about. In my younger years, I have had many of my own share of righteous indignation. It is understood that when things happen that are not in alignment with peace, harmony and one's well-being at the time, there will be a time of remorseful recognition, a time to get justifiably angry, a time to feel like taking an eye for an eye philosophy into our own hands... but what happens besides getting the satisfaction of revenge, when we do? I am sure most of us know the answers to that question.

When we are in the beginning stages of an injustice done, it is nearly impossible to look at forgiveness in the face. This article was written especially for the purpose of helping those who have already gone through the necessary stages that arise anytime we or our family/friend have been greatly wronged by another... for those who are hurting so badly within from the unkind, insane actions of another... it's time to lift the heavy burden off of your shoulders, or from your breasts, or from your colon, or your back (get the picture?) and start living life again, and maybe even do something, create something that will help to form a change in society for the better... starting at the minutest level... even if that minutest level is only within you.

However, this article was written also to help us transcend the less significant occurrences in life that could actually accumulate and cause the same problems that one massive encounter with human behavioral  tragedies, can cause.

Harboring long held resentments eats away at one's own health. We are the ones who suffer the most from the action of another that was gross! Do we really want them to have even more success at being on the level that they are being on? Trust and know that the Creator's Universal laws will always fall into place even when you do not see it happening when you want it to, and/or the way you want it to! We all receive that which we are, and that which we have done.

I feel that is one thing positive we can gain out of such negative experiences... a strong desire and motivation to do something about the madness that exists here on earth. Even if it has been many years gone by since the incident(s) happened, you may think that you are over it, but if you have not addressed these issues face to face and actually gone through forgiveness steps... this negativity is still lingering within the memory brains of your cells (cell membranes), creating negative blockages to your total and complete empowerment and freedom as a hue-man being; a Divine Being of Light.

So, how does this tie into the law of karma? Remember that life's events is similar to a wheel... what goes around, comes around - remember? And for you to be able to break free from that potentially endless rotation of events requires breaking free from the need to react. Their acts will catch up with them, and  for those that would rather be liberated from this wheel of the negative karma it is actually better if you are not the one to be physically behind the power of the wheel at that time when it comes crushing down on them, for if you are, then that means your turn is next to come... and this planet will remain exactly the same as it is now, or maybe worse, because as a human race we could have evolved to a higher state of maturity by now... and if we do not, then maybe we will receive stronger, more potent lessons to learn in this life that is our school...

So, the ideal thing to do, in order to free yourself from negative Karma, is to just jump off the wheel! Now! Go ahead, you can do it!... and when the wheel revolves around again - you will be nowhere around! This article includes some keys to help you truly unlock the door of forgiveness within your own heart.

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 Life is our school, and all that we encounter in life are our learning assignments. For bitter or sweet, wisdom or woe, the critical moments are our test...

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