The Law of Attraction

Special Notice: July 1, 2013

In regards to that wonderful Law of Attraction and Self Hypnosis offering I sent you word about last week, if any of you decide you want some help with creating a hypnosis recording for yourself, I would be happy to assist you. (For those of you not already on my email list, please sign up here: )

I can help you with the script and create the actual recording. I will then upload it to my website where you will be provided with the link to download it onto your computer. From there you can listen to the hypnotic recording you helped create directly from your computer or either you can copy it onto a blank CD for your convenience. This will be for a love offering of your chosen amount. I just ask that you send a minimum of $20 to my paypal account at


Greetings... This page is in stages of CREATION... visit again soon! But meanwhile, until I can get to revising my video that will assist you to succeed with consciously using the LOA to your advantage and eliminating some of the noisy backround issues, I wanted to share this excellent article on MANIFESTING I found:

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