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Moles, or body marks are an interesting blueprint of a person to discover and learn about. It is especially interesting to know why you have a new mole appear on the body at any given time. This art and study of reading the moles is called moleosophy. (see a sample of a reading at bottom of page).

During the 16th and 17th centuries,  moleosophy became widely practiced. The observation of moles still to this day, especially when co-related with interpretations of other psychic sciences, such as astrology and palmistry - substantiates personality and character readings, and helps provide a  more complete view.

It was essential to the societies of antiquity, including Egypt, Rome, Tibet, etc. No country, state and hardly any individual would have dared to undertake a significant action/reaction without first consulting the Heavenly Hosts...

I have created an  e-book about this topic of moles, for kindle. To read more about the e-book go here.

Reading the moles on the body entails using an intuitive process along with observation of the lifestyle of person being read, notes from recorded history about mole placement AND other esoteric sciences such as astrology, etc.

It is just like interpreting your dreams, hands, tarot cards / runes you would pick, or whatever other form of divining tool; you must look at the signs from a personal perspective; according to what's happening in your life, and not simply based upon book knowledge.

This book provides a little history of moleosophy as well as an introductory "A to Z" listing of areas of the body, and what moles on these areas have meant traditionally, as well as added intuitive observations from present day experiences. It is also available in several languages for your kindle device. To get your copy go here.

If you want a customized reading of your moles, try Shakeenah's Mole Reading today. There are no others offering this unique form of reading that I can see, and the reading can offer some interesting, helpful information to assist on a journey of self awareness and self-improvement.
This reading is very much like a lab test; You go see a specialist or physician in regards to some health issues, and they will take your samples (your mole details). The nurse or doctor will take your samples. Then your samples and name are sent off to a special laboratory that can determine what the samples indicate. Likewise, the A.R.R.T. Lab (Akashic Records Research Technology) will take your bio-data, photo, and akashic records, and I will perform the reading of the moles in my "lab" and then get back to you with the results!
At this time the reading is $15.00, so please do give this special reading a try now. You will receive a mp3 audio file with the results, unless you choose to order the typed report at $10 per mole reading. Those of you who have read my book on moleosophy; provide proof of purchase with your order, and receive a surprise bonus.

You can order your reading here. (enter password "CopperLight")


your birth name, & name now


date of birth,

city & state where you live now

if you are married or single, with children or not

details for up to three moles; shape, color, where it's located on the body, whether it is a newly occuring mole,

and any other details about what's going on in your life, that you want to include. If you have the ability to forward a photo of the mole it's even better.



Readee's information:

"All the moles I have are the same color, a rich brown color. All evenly round in shape. The one on the left front side of my neck is a little "nipple" like. As well as the New one on my right back, just the height of my belly botton. There are 2, more flat ones, on my right upper chest. Then one under my right breast."

Reading regarding information provided above:

Round moles are a favorable sign. They show characteristics that are good.

left front side of my neck, "nipple" like:

You receive unexpected blessings and new doorways opening for you, which allows for your ability to nurture others  and receive nurturing to expand and grow. You are watchful of any occasional, unreasonable and overly sensitive temperaments you may have, that can actually begin to block the blessings. The neck is a pathway for our feelings to be expressed via thoughts or words, thus it shows on your neck as a visible reminder to stay open and connected to the blessings by maintaining self control always.

New one on my right back, the height of  belly botton, "nipple" like.

You have attained to a level of success in accomplishing tasks that are generally considered as male responsibilities within a family. Being the ‘bread’ winner can be a burden. You are still in the nurturing role by being the provider. This has brought you strength, stability, self esteem, determination in body, mind, and soul. However, it’s placement on the lower back also indicates that you must still beware of hidden matters regarding money issues, affairs of the heart and in general. Be sure to have all facts and details before entering any negotiation or enterprise.

flat ones, on my right upper chest

You are destined to be successful in your endeavors and have lots of energy to accomplish your goals. You have paid attention to and overcome the innate laziness and intemperance you experience periodically, with will-power and discipline.

under my right breast

Although mostly everything will run smoothly in your life, there will be occasional, unexpected windfalls related to relations with masculine/male issues, and you have everything it takes to overcome.

Mole reading with Shakeenah Feb. 2013
Shakeenah A H Kedem, EzineArticles Basic Author