The Moon

The moon has been a friend of mine, during many circumstances and 'times'. I have used her guidance and gentle brilliance to help pull me out of the depths of negativity and emptiness, to help with when's the best time to plant potatoes or greens, when's the best time to set a very important intention, for research and study purposes of dreams, and for celebrations as circumstances provide the opportunity for such.There will be many of you who are interested in the moon phases for astrological purposes.

For those who are interested in knowing what the current moon phase is at any given time; I am offering this monthly moon phase calendar from the years 1930 to 2022. If you are new to this; in the northern hemisphere, when the moon is not full and you see the outer, round edge of the moon on the right side ~ this is an indicator that the moon is "waxing" or getting more full as the days go by. When the outwardly round edge is on the left side and the opposite side is concaved then that is an indication that the moon is "waning" or getting smaller, and therefore the energy emitted from the moon is lessening as well. I hope I have explained this clearly enough and not added more confusion to this wonderful mysterious moon of ours! Please enjoy the calendar.

Click here to view Moon Phase Calendar.



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