I Want To Testify!

Now it's my chance and turn to testify to the wonderful things that my Helper's on the Higher Planes do for me and others. The Creator is Good!

Some very "co-incidental" things have been happening lately as I practice the law of attraction, asking for help, having faith, cancelling out the negative thoughts that try to creep in, and just letting go. The more I step out of the way; the more I get a chance to see the miraculous. I mean, just the small, simple things in life can be miraculous to me, so what I consider as a testimonial for the angels and guides existing and responding to a request may not mean a thing to you; especially yea strictly scientific minded folk.

But let me tell you something, why not believe in the scientifically un-quantifiable, the invisible energy fields, the unseen helpers and guides, when you can only gain value and benefits from it? When it helps bring hope, strength and wellness to man-kind?

The following incidents are of my own personal experiences with the metaphysical world... with the archangels, angels and guides. You do not even have to know the names of the benevolent beings of Light sometimes; just ask for help with the intent to contact a being of Light and Love and it will be done.

Of course knowing the names of the particular angels' names can help one feel a stronger connection and knowing... It is very helpful to those who may not remember to focus on attracting a energy being that is for your highest good only! That is why in my readings I will often be guided to point out the names of your archangels and how long they will be travelling with you before another angel may take their place, according to your particular needs at that time. But the following illustrations will show instances of both - when I called on help by their name and when I did not call on any particular name.

September 11, 2012  I am sitting on the floor with my old synthesizer, trying it out after giving it a long while to "dry out" from some accumulated moisture. It is working just fine now except one thing; the rhythm section does not work at all. I try it several times, with no success. So I call on Archangel Michael: "Michael, Michael, Michael, please help me with the rhythm section of this machine now". I left from the instrument for a minute to get something and then returned to it and tried again to play the 'Adani' rhythm that I wanted to play with the tone, and guess what? It played. 

August 24, 2012 While leaving one evening from the Crescent Hotel's 1st day of the Parallel Universes weekend in Eureka Springs, where I did readings and was one of the speakers for their panel discussions, the jeep I drive conked out due to lack of gas. She is old and the gas guage no longer works, so I must calculate how long it will be before I will need to refill. Usually I have a 2.5 gallon spare tank of gasoline with me, but this time I discovered it was not in the jeep. I tried to start it several times and it was just dead. So I called on Archangel Michael and Purr the Persian mechanic (whom I first heard of from a dear friend and mentor Judy Cali). I then proceed to get back in the jeep and turn the engine on and guess what? Yes, the engine started, as if there were enough gas in the engine to last a while. I thanked this pair that I always call on, related to the jeep, and then asked to please get me home, as the gas stations were all closed. About two thirds of the way home, the jeep start puttering again but I manage to get it to a point where I am just around the corner from the house before it totally conks out again! I put my hazards on and got out to walk over to the house and get the gas tank, while a police officer volunteers to watch the vehicle till I return. He says "you ALMOST made it all the way there". I was so grateful that i DID make it to the house as I had asked... this blessing can not be denied!

August 21, 2012 Two of my sons and I are driving 300 miles to St Louis from Eureka Springs. One of the sons is driving and begins to scare the mess out of me as being a new driver. I ask my angels to protect us during this 5 hour road trip and to show me a sign that it is so. At that time we had about 2.5 to 3 hours left to reach the St. Louis destination. I then looked up at the sky and noticed that the sun was totally covered by some huge clouds which allowed some beautiful sunrays shine down from behind them. I thought this was rather strange because they really stood out to me and the clouds and rays stayed in the same position for the next 2.5 to 3 hours, when we arrived in St. Louis. Later on that day, we are heading back to Eureka and I ask that we be protected once again. This time there are no clouds in the sky - only pure blue sky with the sun shining bright. So I am wondering how will I know now, that my prayer was being answered? About 20 minutes pass and I noticed in the sky that the clouds had showed up again, positioned in front of the sun, with sunrays shining from behind them. I knew without a doubt now that this was a sure sign from above, confirming that my angels were on call, making sure we arrived to our destination safely.

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