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My distance healing services at the present moment are focused on,

  • personal entity clearing,
  • chakra healing
  • aura cleansing and healing

What exactly is it and how does it work?

Healing is bringing one's energy into a state of harmony and balance. The healing of one can be stimulated by another; just like a car can be jump started, regardless as to the distance between the two... as All Are One.

Within America itself, there are many reasons to start taking your own health more seriously and doing what you can to keep your health at its best. This is really the best health insurance. Medical care costs are enormous and rising. And there's always talk about discontinuing medicare/medicaid/social security benefits. Medical cures are very often simply cover-ups, for a while, of the symptoms.

My distance healing practices actually began around 2007, while I was living as a resident member of the Nazir Order of the Purple Veil. At that time I was working with all sorts of ailments and distance healing.

Through these experiences I have seen some amazing results. The results will remain amazing when the person being healed, takes responsibility for their own health and after the healing takes place, follows the suggestions provided to them. These suggestions teach them how to incorporate healthier habits into their daily life... including healing botanicals, sufficient pure water, joy & laughter, exercise, diet, etc.

While witnessing such miracles, I also at the same time was able to see what the late Dr. Christopher, MH, meant when he said "there are no incurable diseases; only incurable people". Some people simply do not want to heal enough, to do anything about getting their life and health back in order. They want it all to be done for them, and meanwhile to keep living the same exact way they have been which caused the complications in the first place.

I am now focusing my Distance Healing efforts on the energy systems of chakras, auras and negative attachments on people, because I see that it is a very prevalent occurence that is sometimes overlooked by many healers and almost always overlooked by the medical establishment.  I feel that, being freed from negative psychic attachments will help one be more ready and able to take some steps themselves toward regaining their mental, emotional and physical health.

These negative energies can definitely delay and prolong the process of healing. Once they are removed and cleared from someone's being, then healing can more easily take place. I then recommend that you 1) find a professional naturopathic or holistic practitioner of some kind. 2) clear your home environment and aura on a regular basis. To learn more about how you can space clear and do regular personal clearing go here  and see "Entity Possession Removal"

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Dec. 4th, 2013

Thank you Shakeeah for the work you do.  I want to tell you a bit about how things have been this short amount of time since the entity/samskara removal you performed for me.

Here goes…

  • ·         I have more clarity- this is hard to explain I just feel better.
  • ·         I have less cravings for things/people that are not good for me (more on this later)
  • ·         That feeling in the pit of my stomach is gone, it was near my solar plexus
  • ·         I can control my emotions better, I can stop myself from crying or wanting to cry in a snap.  I could never do that before!
  • ·         I can focus on bettering myself and I feel more deserving
  • ·         I took a trip back home to New Orleans and I usually eat, and eat, and eat….But, this time (last week), I hardly wanted what I would usually eat and if I did eat something it was a fraction of what I would usually get.  THIS ALONE IS PROFOUND for me.  Food was my coping mechanism, BIG TIME.  So, overall my relationship with food has changed for the better.  In my initial reading with you you said that nutrition would be a part of my life’s work.  I couldn’t see it.  I wanted it, but I didn’t know how.  Now, I see it and believe it since I have been able to change my view of food and natural medicine.
  • ·         I’m not so angry in my relationship and I feel more secure in myself whether or not things work out.
  • ·         I see people/things/events more clearly now….  I don’t get sucked into other people feelings and emotions.  I am better able to keep a level head.  I have my moments, but my awareness is higher.

This is just the beginning and I am excited about what is to come.  Thanks for being a vessel to provide the services that you provide.  You have my permission to use this testimony however you see fit.

L. Dillon, Texas US


The following story was compiled when I was still at the monastery, inspired by an unknown author,  ---  I simply improvised some with the basic outline. It is...

A Story of the Progression of Healing Through the Ages

Once upon a time, in the beginning, healing started with vibrations, energies, frequencies at will. Then due to various world circumstances, this special knowledge was lost, to most… so all began taking the plants and the fruits thereof to heal, for they held the same vibrations, energies and frequencies within them.

Then within certain circles came proclamations that this taking of food and herbs as one’s medicine was being sinful. So all began to say strictly prayers or they’d get hung or burnt to the stake, as it has been recorded... But for some reason afterwards, it was stated that the prayers were just religious superstition and it would be better to drink this potion made.

The potion usually turned out to do more harm than good, so then it was said - here, take this pill. Although these pills were usually formulated from something isolated from its’ aggregate found in the plant kingdom, they were noticed to be ineffective.

Somewhere along the timeline, anti-biotics were invented…  These formulas sometimes seemed to work well but one of the major problems is that, regardless as to what life the antibiotics were directed toward controlling or eliminating, when these non-natural substances act against what has occurred naturally and try to take control; resistance eventually arises and ways are found to not be controlled or eliminated. All are living beings with their missions to naturally perform and exist.

So then the movement was a return back to natural ways of healing and using botanicals right from nature. But then arose a problem there too; over time, due to man’s rapacity and ignor-ance of life’s sacredness, some of the plant kingdom became polluted and diluted.

And this is where we all are now, at a place where the movement is in the direction of returning to the Source… to project and receive healing from energies, frequencies and vibrations, more directly, perhaps until healing is needed no more.

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Amen, Selah, So Be It and So It Is