Healing Water/Blessing Your Water

Blessed Water, Energized Water, Charged Water

Here's an interesting brief video that explains how energy of the mind can be projected to help heal another: (See what I mean from moment 2:15 and on, within this video)



While living many years in meditative reclusiveness, I discovered a special method of charging water with healing energies. Just think about it... you must ingest water anyway or else!... so why not drink water that has been energetically charged to help you overcome some difficulty you may be confronted with? We all can use a little boost in our healing regime, or affirmation plans, or goal plans. So I have developed an offering that supplies you with an item we all need and will be sure to use... so there should be no way for you to excuse your way out of making that change for the better that you know you want, but feel like procrastinating on, or feel stuck about, or maybe you simply can use as much support as possible right now to transcend some health issue. Whatever the case may be... I urge you to take a look at this offering and see how your heart will resonate with it. If it does, try it out and see for yourself. I feel confident that this will help you on your path to wellness and self-improvement...

If you would like training on how I do this in particular please send me a message at betterhealthnaturally4u at google's mail system.


Legal Disclaimer: The information and opinions discussed in this offering, while carefully researched, are offered for educational and recreational purposes only. They are not intended as diagnoses or treatments for specific ailments or replacements for the expertise of your qualified health care provider. If you feel that certain information applies to a health related issue of your own, it is crucial that you bring it to the attention of your health care provider for confirmation and treatment.