Space Clearing

Who Else Wants to Learn How to Clear Their Space and Personal Energy Field as a Jump Start For Better Mental, Physical, Spiritual Health and Peace of Mind?

This booklet is for those who want to learn how to do an energy clearing for themselves and for their living space or their personal office.

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Learn how you can best be open to clear yourself and to receive the Divine Light which awaits the en-lightenment of all! For help with personal Clearings of Entities and or Psychic Cords and such please go here: and read the "Entity Possession Removal" description towards the middle of the page.

Imagine walking into a room that's filled with dust and cobwebs and stickiness spread all over the floor and walls. Wouldn't you see the need to have this room cleaned? This is what happens on an energetic level when we continually dwell on negative thoughts such as worrying about the past, present or future..."how will I ever pay the mortgage or rent this month?", "I regret ever having deciding to marry this pain in the neck",  "This job is not as I expected - what am I going to do – how will I be able to get another one as soon as I need?" "The kids are driving me NUTS!" "This neighborhood sucks!" "I am not good enough" "People think cause I'm fat, I am ugly... I'm starting to believe it myself!" and on and on.These type thoughts accumulate and make the energy of the place heavy.

You can walk into a house that has been spotlessly cleaned; but for some reason the energy is depressive. 

On another note, you can also walked into a house or room that was not all that neatly kept, but at the same time felt comfortable enough. Beside needing a little de-cluttering, the overall energy was still peaceful and pleasant.

How is this? Our bodies have receivers or antennas: chakras/ hair, our senses, our aura… all of these aspects of ourselves read the environment around us. When you go somewhere you can sense the vibration that’s being held there – good or bad ; leaves you with a good feeling or a bad feeling.

The tricky part of this is that we can easily sense these things elsewhere but when it comes to our own living space or work space, we can get somewhat acclimated to the conditions there sometimes, and do not notice a need for change as easily. Just like with our attitudes and behaviorism – we can see someone else’s faults easily but when it comes to our own-selves – we find it difficult to see or admit! Yes? But as always, just because you don’t notice something doesn’t mean it’s not there, right?

If you are reading this page I am quite sure you are one that already knows these things, consciously too. So, my suggestion to you is to regularly get your living space and/or work space cleared of all negative energies which accumulate there from a multitude of causations.  I will tell you how to clear your surroundings on your own, with a few simple steps, in plain simple english. This detailed information will be included in the "Do It Yourself Space Clearing" E-Booklet that you will receive upon completing your order. I want you to be empowered and learn how to do these things yourself, for when you have to. (please allow up to one day for email delivery of the book)

Clearings are ideal for :

  • Those confronted with dis-incarnate beings that needed assistance to move on. Before they were removed and after they have been removed; it is a good idea to do a clearing.
  • Therapists needing to clear their clinic or room space from psycho–energy releases of clients for the benefit of succeeding ones
  • Anyone using feng shui or vastu principles in their space; clearing energy is a perfect companion to those practices as they will perform better in unison with space clearing. The reverse is also true.
  • For those learning / practicing Distance Healing; it is enhanced by a clearer mind and environment.
  • Anyone moving into a new home or apartment
  • When there was an ill person or animal in the space.
  • When there’s a need for manifesting something new in your life.
  • When there has been an argument or arguments in the space.
  • Anyone wanting to raise the vibrational level in their internal space or external space, to improve their quality of life, as well as of others.
  • Those who do not know how to do the clearing themselves, yet.
  • Those who do know how to do space clearing but rather someone else do it for any multitude of reasons (too close to the situation at hand which can cause inaccurate assessments, insecurities over particular steps to be taken, not being physically at the location, etc.)
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Thank you so much for the clearing...   I did notice a lot of positive things happening to me today. A lot of projects that were stuck seem to suddenly start working out. This has not happened  to me in a long time. I honestly feel like a lot of stuck energy has been lifted.
I also noticed a sudden surge in my business that I just started recently. Yesterday I went to purchase a car for my wife's birthday as a surprise for her. I was having trouble getting a loan before this, as I sat there at the dealership they placed an offer on the table that was hard to refuse with a really low interest rate. The vehicle I bought was a BMW X5.
Thanks again, I will definitely contact you in the future for your services..
S. Thumbiran
20 March 2012
Thank you for all the help I feel so much better. I have sent a donation in appreciation for all the help and I have also requested a house cleansing (I live in a very hostile situation constantly since I have been living here I had never experienced anything like this. I would like to move but it is impossible for me at this time. It is spiritually unstable). I will send a photo of the house. Thank you again.
Love and Peace
J., New York, March 2010