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A little about Eureka Springs Akashic Reader:

I have lived in Eureka Springs Arkansas for a few years, but grew up in New York, and then went on to live as a renunciate Sister of an Order; a nun,  since I was 19, in monastic based environments for 30 years with the spiritual teacher Baba Nazirmoreh (ABRD). During my stay at the pilgrim's sanctuary and mostly silent retreat, I was able to develop my skills of energy healing and akashik reading, specializing in remote or distant healings and readings due to my then secluded existence. Some others that have influenced my studies and skills are Kirti Betai, Judy Cali, Dianna Buhlinger, John Living, Raymon Grace, J Walt Woods, Andrew Kemp's Quantum K, Gary Craig's (original proponent of) Emotional Freedom Technique, Esoteric Healing; Triangles, Richard Bartlett's Matrix Energetics, and many more I am sure, that I am not remembering at this moment.

Some people ask me *how did I wind up in the Ozarks, *and in Eureka Springs, and *begin reading the akashic records? Well, here's my story: During my years serving the community in the early 1990's, I was blessed to be around metaphysical, esoteric literature on a daily basis, actually 24 hours a day, at the book store called "Veil of Truth", owned by the spiritual teacher, in New Orleans, Louisiana. I would help with ordering, processing and selling the books, and during this period I felt a strong attraction to understand the mystery behind the pendulum; what was it?... what it was capable of doing, and how it could be used to help myself and others?

Through my expressed interest I was eventually given a pendulum, but along with that also came periodic discouraging remarks about how I wanted to play with my "Ouija Board" (referring to the pendulum), so I became a little disheartened for a while! Besides, at that time of my development I was not fully ready to seriously delve into the depths of studying, related to the available time and energy that would be needed. I had young children to help care for, and a shop to watch from 9 am til 9pm, and much more happening that would serve as a distraction.

So I am fast forwarding now; my discouragement was not forever! In the early years of 2000 ~ The young ones are a lot older now, some of my responsibilities changed, leaving a little more quiet time for me at certain times of the day.  I rekindled my interest in the pendulum and then learned more about the akasha and the akashic field. I had an old set of Cambridge University cards that were designed to test E.S.P. abilities of the card users. I figured that was a good way to practice using the pendulum. So one night, I pulled out the cards and placed them face down before me, very carefully... so as not to have a clue as to which symbol was on the other side of the card. I then systematically held the pendulum over each card and asked if the underside was this, that or the other symbol. I was blown away by the results of this experiment, as every answer I received was right. So I knew I was on to something here.

The following night, I proceeded to do the same practice, but this time, for some reason, almost every single answer I  received was painfully wrong!!! So this of course made me roll up my sleeves, and I began to do everything I could possibly do to gain more knowledge as to what makes this tool work well, and what helps it to not work well. I later managed to get to wonderful India in 2007 to study directly under a master dowser; Kirti Betai.  After this training from self studies and from the dowsing teacher, I began incorporating the skill as a way to serve others through the work I was doing at the community; especially via on line services.

I now, while living in Eureka Springs, use these skills outside of the seclusion that helped me to grow, as a serene, sincere, light-worker dedicated to serving and helping others find their way toward their highest good, with patience, integrity, reliability and honesty. During these years I created what is called "A.R.R.T.", which stands for Akashik Records Research Technology. It is a method based on precise trainings I received from master dowser  K. Betai, in India during 2007.

Although my approach is very systematic, as taught by Kirti Betai, in order to minimize error, this is truly a spiritually fulfilling art;  to be able to retrieve information from the ethers with the help of a tool or not, thus the name A.R.R.T. fitted perfectly with what I am doing, as I am an energetic artist as well as a visual artist and fabric artist (my just thought up term for meaning I design & make clothing and accessories). Art, and "Arrt" is something that feeds my soul.

I also created a service called "Better Health Naturally". Between these two titles of services (A.R.R.T. and Better Health Naturally 4U) I offer a variety of tools dedicated to helping others... Akashik Readings, Dream Deciphering, Chakra Balancing, Botanicals, Emotional Freedom Technique, Pendulum Classes, Distance Healing, Space Clearing, Pendular Therapy and more. I also design and make unique ethnic or eastern oriented garments, clothing accessories,  jewelry, as well as portraits.

I want you to know I am very dedicated to conscientious service. All information is kept confidential. When I am working with someone that is asking for help, i will do my best to show them the things that they are not yet seeing - the broader perspective of things or from another angle at least...  it's for the highest good of all concerned that I will speak of the perspective that is being presented from the reading.

To see testimonials related to my services, please see below as well as the "More Testimonials" page. To see a more in depth biographical account please see my page on the 'New Earth Healing' Healers Directory: Shakeenah at Arkansas Healers

In regards to my services and offerings... before actually starting on someone's reading or healing I always check to see if it is appropriate for me to do so. If it is not, I will find out if It is appropriate in the near future - and if not I will let you know. Why would it not be so? It can be due to many reasons, such as; karmic, soul group changes being made at the time, improper timing, hexes needing to be cleared first, etc.

I will respond promptly to any questions during the buying process, as well as after the service or item has been purchased.  I am responsive to any buyer concerns or problems, and I am also responsive to any compliments or testimonials you may have for me 😉

I am absolutely concerned about your satisfaction and if there is anything I can do to exceed your expectations ~ I will.

Thanks so much for reading my page,

In Love, Peace and Light,



Shakeenah has trained at the Modern Vastu Energy Science Center In Agra, India for advanced pendulum dowsing and spiritual healing (teletherapy) under Kirti Betai, and has a M.H. degree from The School of Natural Healing in Utah, U.S. as well as a certificate of Advanced PLR Hypnotherapy from Dolores Cannon in Arkansas, U.S. She has also received a certificate as a LOA Basic Practitioner from the Global Sciences Foundation. Much of her life skills, and spiritual training is gained from her years in retreat at a monastic community with the spiritual teacher Baba Nazirmoreh.

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    • I am also blessed to have known you too! Being able to serve or simply communicate with those who can see the value of what I do is awesome. “How can things get even better than this?” I give thanks.

  1. Dear Sister Shakeenah Kedem,
    As an aging New Yorker, I’ve experienced other spiritual readings,
    by various methods or mediums over the years. But I just had
    to let it be known that you and your long distance healing, as
    well as, the results of my love-interest-relationship reading
    was successful and accurate.
    Keep being the real deal and God bless you! J.Jones

  2. Re: Chakra Cleansing
    Very detailed, caring process !! Thank you Very Much for Your Help !!

  3. RE: Akashic Reading #1
    Great Person. Very Prompt Response. Straight forward Answers. Thanks Again.

  4. Hi Shakeenah,
    You are right on the money. I look forward to working with the recommendation you gave. Thanks again.

  5. Hi Shakeenah,
    I could say much more but you are a ‘sister of the heart’
    Our family is blessed that you have crossed our paths
    and looking forward to great things. Gratitude always!

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