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All first time Coaching, Healings and Readings require the following Bio-Data in order for me to work with you and have access to your akashic records:

Name at birth, aka name, Place of birth, Date of birth, Place of current residing, recent photo of self.

Greetings! If you are interested in any of the services and/or products Shakeenah offers, please contact me directly to apply; betterhealthnaturally4u at gmail,  870.504.1531. I will then send you the  prices. I am looking forward to working with those who are serious about learning more  regarding their life lessons, looking for more clarity, and/or confirmation of inner truths or feelings, advice on ways to create better health naturally, and to create a better future for oneself. Those who are ready to put their own personal effort into achieving these and other goals, and are ready to ask for and receive a clearing of what ever energetic interferences may be getting in their way. Send me a little information about yourself; your name, geographical location, what services you are interested in, how/why you feel you will benefit from the service. If you need to communicate via another language, feel free to do so, and I will get it translated if possible. If you need assistance but are under financial stress, still contact me and inquire about the possibility of a sliding scale.)

Please Note: All readings ordered on line, will be performed by me, and then we will connect with one another, so that I can give you the information which came through your akashic records reading. (It's similar to having your astrological chart done- I gather the information first, then contact you after). You have an option of domestic phone calls, usually from me to you, at no extra charge for up to half an hour of conversation. This is called a "phone consultation". Appropriate charges will be expected for any time over the initial half hour for free.

You also have the option to order a mp3 instead, of the results from your reading or, there is also the option to order a typed report of the investigation results... your choice as to which will work best for you.

Energy Clearings / Healings will be done remotely or in person, and Coaching when not in person, will be done over the phone, or communicated through SKYPE. Requires your telephone & email, &/or Skype ID 

All first time Coaching, Healings and Readings require the following Bio-Data in order for me to work with you and have access to your akashic records:

Name at birth, aka name, Place of birth, Date of birth, Place of current residing, recent photo of self.

Akashic Reading on Life Purpose

The Life Purpose Reading is one that will leave you feeling renewed and ready to tackle your life with increased clarity and sense of direction. Understanding why you chose/choose or are attracted to certain fields of study, activities and interests, and knowing what you can do to continue to live in alignment with your planned lessons from the University of Life Living, is a rewarding gift in itself. 

Your  Archangels Reading

This particular reading helps you to become more familiar with the Archangels that are with you to help, whenever you call upon them. It is a good idea to become familiar with them, how long they will likely be with you before a new set steps in, their major roles in your life (if you but WILL), the best way to call upon them, and one of the best ways to ask for help.

The  Archetypes Reading 

The Archetypes Reading will discover what your archetypes are for this life. It is one that will leave you feeling refreshed and knowing more about your life with increased clarity and sense of understanding. Understanding why you act a certain way and knowing what you can do to shift the shadow parts of that characteristic is rewarding in itself. 

Akashic Reading; General or Ask me Now

 Include your telephone & email with order so that I can contact you for information required to begin your service. This reading will be according to your needs;  a general reading  focuses on the here and now mostly and points to ways you can create a better future; or, if you have particular questions you want to ask; this reading is for all. (see examples of questions often asked here) The 30 minute session is a mini reading that will wet your appetite to know more, but provides enough information to get you well started on your personal journey of self-exploration. 

Akashic Reading "Energy Analysis Report": Printable Report of Reading 

Receive a flat rate price for a copy of your reading regardless as to how many hours it may take me to compile it! A typed report recording what your reading was about and what it revealed.  PDF format. 

Akashic Reading Recorded Report: mp3 File of Reading Results

Recording of a Verbal Explanation of the Results of your reading. (for any length up to 30 minutes.). This is a GREAT DEAL here, as the recording often DOES amount to over 30 minutes (depending on which reading you chose), and I will not charge you for the overtime. 

Energy Healing Sessions:Full Chakra Healing Program

Remote or Face-to-Face Nine Day Chakra treatments. Include your telephone & email with order so that I can contact you for information required to begin your service. 

 Nine day treatment 

Energy Healing Sessions: Chakras and Aura

One chakra treatment, One aura cleanse. Include your telephone & email with order so that I can contact you for information required to begin your service. 

Entity Possession Removal

Entity possession is a very real problem and issue in our world, and can happen to any class, caste, age, race or religion... from the unruly behavior of a teen, the uncontrolled lust of a professional business person, to the old drunkard on the street.  Healing and harmony will not be restored unless the attachment is removed, thus freeing up one's vital life forces to be able to assist in the self-healing. I usually use a very detailed procedure and distance healing protocol. This remote healing procedure helps one to mentally/emotionally/physically heal themself fully. This several hour process,  is one of THE most important distance healing service that can be rendered for someone, because without the freedom from the negative entity, draining your vitality; there will be no substantial will, strength, or incentive to try and do anything to help oneself out of the rut and attachment to negative, destructive behavior patterns. It is literally a drainage of your vital energy. Removal of Psychic Cords included. For further information, please inquire. If it is determined that there are no issues in this area, you will be issued a refund on the unused time for this service, and advised as to what the likely cause is behind whatever the issue is that led you to want to have this personal clearing done. This service is only for those who are seriously wanting to be freed up or help their friend or family member get freed from a bondage of their soul by negative forces. Sliding scale fee

Phone Consultations 

This service is for you, if we need to talk for over half an hour for particular readings that include a free half hour of consultation on the phone. If you find you simply need to talk, or need to talk before or after any particular service I may offer, I do not charge for the first 1/2 hour of my time. You can be guided through helpful energy clearings over the phone, and receive further information regarding your reading. This also includes communicating through SKYPE. Requires your telephone & email, &/or Skype ID 

Hypnotherapy Sessions 

Due to the nature of this work, This service is only for those of you who plan to visit Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Please call in advance for price information and to schedule a session. I have training in Hypnosis and Dolores Cannon's PLR / QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy).

Charged H2O 

Please read the descriptive page for this alchemistic drinking water, charged with the healing and or goal supportive impressions that you so desire. Include your telephone & email with order so that I can contact you for information required to begin your service.

Mole Reading

Get up to three, per session, of your mysterious bodily moles read now. Remote reading done once you have provided the requested information as shown on the page on Mole Readings. A report  will be created and sent to you regarding your moles. Makes an excellent UNIQUE GIFT.


11.5 x 20 inches. Postage is prepaid / included with this amount $10.00


LEARN AS YOU GO: Learn at your own pace, on your own timing, by the hour. A non-refundable deposit is required.  For further information please inquire.

THREE DAY Intensive TRAINING: Each day we spend several hours together learning and practicing. Non-refundable deposit required. This amount is applied to your full course fee. For further information please inquire.


These are the original oils used by perfumery companies to make perfumes and colognes. You can use them full strength for longer lasting scent or dilute with jojoba or similar carrier oil. Use to make soaps, use in your bath water, or simply as a perfume / cologne. Enjoy In-joy! (As per legalities consider the word “type” after each scent of these finest quality undiluted oils ). Supplies are extremely limited per scent so Place your order Now. 1/3 ounce roller top glass bottles regularly sold at $16.00 - now most of these are only $5 !!! Once I sell out, there will be no more of these wonderful scents. Select your oil from the Gifts Page ( and order them through the link below, and send me a note with the names of the oils. If you want to place an order for more than two bottles of oil, send me a note and I will give you a flat rate shipping fee for a bunch of the oils and tell you how to order them. FEEL FREE TO ASK FOR SAMPLE OF OTHER SCENT(S) ON THE LIST THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO TRY, WITH YOUR ORDER.betterhealthnaturally4u (at )



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