List of Services

Life can literally become dreadful and painful when we do not know what we inherently know! Shakeenah's Akashik Reading & Energy Healing can help solve many of the problems you may be facing today.  Learn all about what your records have to share with you once we tap into it, now. Experience healing that gets to the core issues!

Interested in ordering a service listed below? Email me at betterhealthnaturally4u (at) gmail

Readings; Akashic Records Learn how to *overcome mental blocks, *your life purpose; *what you came here to accomplish and learn,  *the secret to better relationships with yourself and others, *what form of meditation will resonate with you the most during these times when meditation / prayer is most important. Several options available: "Ask Me Now" type readings (you select what information will come through by providing your particular questions) or Pre-determined Queries provided by me based on commonly asked questions, or "General - Universal" reading (wherein the reading itself will select what information comes through, according to your needs at the time, as determined mostly by your Guides through the akasha).

Mole Readings; Customized You can find written information on moles and what they mean, but it is not often that you can find someone that will read your moles for you according to who YOU are in particular, helping you to discover what new moles mean and the older ones alike. Shakeenah offers a unique Customized Mole Reading, with the help of the akashik records, that is fun and informative.

Energy Healing *Free yourself or loved ones of depletive, negative entity possessions. Experience *energy being cleared of unwanted debri in the *auric field and the *chakras, get your living *space cleared, and feel *more harmony and balance from within. Take a guided tour through the etheric field beyond the beta mind in a safe and productive manner, leaving you feeling better and better, naturally and with ease.

Chakra Balancing A nine day, remote or in person , chakra balancing. Keeping your chakras tuned up will assist in creating better health in general as well as improve clairvoyant abilities and spiritual gifts.

Charged Water to Help *Facilitate Healing and Desired Change. *Boost your *health, *affirmations or *goals. *Support your efforts to modify your life for the better, now!

Dreams Please note that Shakeenah has developed her own method of interpreting dreams by working attentively with the dreamer, in a systematic way. If quicker, less involved methods of interpretation suit you better, I can perhaps direct you to someone else. Feel free to inquire either way.

Forgiveness Hypnotherapy *Feel a heavy burden be released and be better able to move forward ; *real freedom, *Experience more self-love, more self-respect, and a sense of worthiness, *Have you feeling better about yourself and more positive about your future, *Notice relationships you do not want or need to begin shedding from your life, *Attract more positive relationships in your life now.

Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Let yourself be guided on a journey of self-discovery, allowing your higher self to reveal scenes of other lives which correspond to the why's and what's of this lifetime, providing you with solutions and healings, that you will be amazed at. Shakeenah's  PLR therapy is as taught by Dolores Cannon master of  PLR.

Instant Stess Relief Sessions Come and experience a unique session created by Shakeenah, using sound, color, and touch, which is guaranteed to induce relief of your stressors and pains... sending healing energies to your auric field, chakras and physical body. This is where true healing begins.

Vegan Consultations Services includes providing advice, 'veganism' education, assisting with shopping list, menu ideas, recipes, private cooking and food prep classes... Feel free to contact me at betterhealthnaturally4u AT


For Divining Lessons, Private Coaching, Energy Clearing  and anything else not listed here, please inquire via my contact page.