Shakeenah’s Marketing Services

Shakeenah's Marketing Services
Introductory Offer For Small Businesses
Consistency with communicating regularly is a key to creating more income when we are marketing. I can help you with keeping your presence active and moving forward at a low price ~
$360 for three months Introductory Price! 
This will include taking up to half an hour to work social media, three times a week, and then 3-4 times a day working each of those outlets on a day previous to or on the day of your performance. 
(Eventually as I begin spending more time working with you - and as a direct or indirect result you begin to notice more income flowing from the interactions with your customers and clients, I would have to ask more. But right now, I feel this would be a fair exchange of energy.) 
Please email me back the responses to my inquiries presented to you via email.
Payment has been made easier with Two Trial periods of one month each of $120 per month, which will automatically be followed by a three month subscription per every 3 months. 
Your payment will serve as your formal agreement to commit to at least three months of service from Shakeenah's Marketing Services, in order to allow an opportunity to see an increase in followers on-line, an increase in post interactions and viewings, which will inevitably gradually equate to an increase in revenue.
At your service...

Three Months Marketing Solutions Subscription 3 Month Subscription with 2 One Month Trial Offers